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Mea Culpa

I’ve been bad.


I’ve let deadlines and promised release dates slip away from me. And then I ended up with a choice between rushing out the books I had planned, or two postpone them again so that I didn’t release a substandard product. It will probably cost me, but I don’t want to put out a substandard product.

So, I’ve moved BRANDED to a release of March 24th, and WINTER’S DAUGHTER to a release of March 31st.

Happy reading,


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February Updates

It’s been a bit of a challenge with the month-long bronchitis, but I’m finally (mostly) mended. The bronchitis impacted the planned release dates for more than a few books.

Between writing and editing, I had some time to think about a publishing schedule. I want my releases to be regular and expected; I also wanted to give myself some time to breathe in case another bout of bronchitis, or any other illness, happened again. So the new release schedule is as follows:

Branded (Alix Valkanas Chronicles #1): February 10

Winter’s Daughter (Winter Trilogy #3): February 17

Conjured (Alix Valkanas Chronicles #2): March 17

Harbinger (Shadow Trilogy #2): March 24

Bitten (Alix Valkanas Chronicles #3): April 21

As Bright As Shadow (Shadow Trilogy #3): April 28

This way, there will be one Alix Valkanas book and one high fantasy book each month. It’s a nice, even schedule, and should leave enough breathing room in case life intervenes again.

So stay healthy, take your vitamins, wash your hands, and happy reading!



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January Updates!

With many thanks to Draft2Digital, my tech problems have been resolved. Without further ado, here’s January’s publishing schedule:

Winter's Daughter Cover NEW

WINTER’S DAUGHTER, book three of the Winter Trilogy: out January 10th!





shadows-weave-2016-08-31SHADOW’S WEAVE, book one of the Shadow Trilogy: out January 17th!





avc-1-branded-2016-12-15BRANDED, book one of the Alix Valkanas Chronicles, out January 24th!





and THE CURSE MERCHANT, book one of an as-yet-unnamed series, out January 31st!

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