The Shadow Trilogy

Shadow's Weave 2016-08-31.jpgSHADOW’S WEAVE – out now

When 15-year-old Lark Augenfar’s mother is arrested for aiding a traitor, Lark knows it’s a mistake. They may harbor a fugitive or two occasionally, but the Holy Light should expect disobedience when they outlaw an entire branch of magic. Shadow is a little dangerous, sure, but neither of them makes trouble, especially trouble involving a traitor. Lark will prove her mother’s innocence, whatever it takes.
When Lark discovers that the traitor is Vashien, public enemy number one with both the Holy Light and the outlawed Shadow, she realizes she has the perfect solution—her unique ability to see the otherwise invisible weave of shadow magic is the best way to track a treacherous Shadow weaver. She strikes a deal—within a week, Lark will either trade Vashien for her mother, or her mother will be executed. Simple enough to find one old traitor, right?

Not when her Shadow allies have agendas of their own. Not when her mother keeps secrets about her involvement with Vashien. Not when something is hunting her, something that needs Vashien free. Before time runs out, Lark must find a way to trap Vashien—if whatever is hunting her doesn’t trap her first.

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shadow-2-harbinger-2016-11-26HARBINGER – out May 19 2017

16-year-old Lark may have helped bring down Vashien, but the King and the Light still see Shadow weavers as a threat. It doesn’t help that the Specter, Vashien’s servant, is still out there and a wanted man, and the Rogues are angling to restore the prestige of Shadow weavers. Worse still, her newfound uncle wants to pull her into his organization, she and her mother are trying to repair their relationship, and Falcoun, the Rogue Lord’s nephew, wants to court her.

But Vashien escaped death before, and tensions are rife between Light and Shadow. Lark won’t trust that this execution will finally end him. Not when her magic is still valuable to him. And now its valuable to the Light: if she can control Shadow, then maybe the Light can control her.

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shadow-3-as-bright-as-shadow-2016-08-31AS BRIGHT AS SHADOW – out June 16 2017!

17-year-old Lark is in no mood to help the Shadow or the Light. Scarred by fire, her magic broken, and her relationship with her betrothed on shaky ground, she has nothing left to give. But she’s going to have to give it, because she is the only one with the knowledge that can change the balance between Light and Shadow–permanently.

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