The Winter Trilogy

Winter's Crown FINAL COVERWINTER’S CROWN – out now!

17-year-old Eva is a noblewoman by birth and sailor by training, heiress to a great merchant fleet. Already wounded by her mother’s death, she is then summoned from her tropical home by her long-estranged father to join him in the frozen northern outpost of Winter’s Crown. Despite her hatred of the place and her father, the ruins hidden deep in the mountains draw her in. But her need to discover their secrets causes her to accidentally release an imprisoned spirit, a spirit whose only goal is to consume life.

And now, with the help of her estranged father, her friends, and an elf prince with secrets, Eva must find a way to destroy the spirit for good. For when she awoke the spirit, she became the unexpected inheritor to a battle over old magic, ancient armies, and the ghost of her dead mother.

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Winter's Sword Cover NEWWINTER’S SWORD – out now!

With the arrival of winter, Eva’s enemies won’t be far behind.

Eva defeated Adhannor and became the Lady of Tal Aesiri, but now she is in a precarious position. The elf Queen is unlikely to let such power reside in another’s hands, especially a human’s hands. The humans themselves won’t let power rest it he hands of someone disloyal to the Empire. And the woman now in charge of Winter’s Crown may have been the love of Eva’s traitorous—and dead—friend.

Eva has a promise to fulfill to the undead of Tal Aesiri – to free them from their imprisonment on the mountain of old magic. But as her transformation into the Lady consumes her, Eva doesn’t know if she can both she keep that promise as well as fend off the invaders that want the old magic for themselves. There may be no way to win this war without sacrificing herself in the process.

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Winter's Daughter Cover NEW

WINTER’S DAUGHTER – out April 21 2017!

17-year-old Mara has never met her mother. Eva, trapped in the frozen north as half-human, half-unwilling guardian of the old magic, saw her daughter only for a few hours at birth. But now something has happened to Eva, and Dhreo the great fouling creature has sought out Mara. Leaving behind her home and the family that wants to protect her, she sets out with Dhreo and her best friend Karow, determined to free her mother from the old magic that binds her to the frozen mountains, or to die trying.

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